Student Paper Competition

2014 IFCS Student Paper Competition Finalists

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Materials, Resonators, & Resonator Circuits

“Low TCF Lithium Tantalate Contour Mode Resonators”
 Renyuan Wang, Cornell University

“Second Harmonic Mode Polarization Inverted Resonator Consisting of Epitaxial PbTiO3 Thin Film”
 Katsuyoshi Katada, Nagoya Institute of Technology

“Phase Change Material Programmable Vias for Switching and Reconfiguration of Aluminum Nitride Piezoelectric MEMS Resonators”
  Gwendolyn Hummel, Northeastern University

“L-Band Lamb Mode Resonators in Gallium Nitride MMIC Technology”
 Laura Popa, MIT

Oscillators, Synthesizers, Noise, & Circuit Techniques

“50 GHz Optical Frequncy Comb Generation Based on an Optoelectronic Oscillator”
 Xiaopeng Xie, Peking University

“Chip-Scale Atomic Resonator-Based Stabilization System for Optoelectronic Oscillator”
Zheng Chen, Peking University

“Spintronic Nano-Oscillators: Towards Nanoscale and Tunable Frequency Devices”
 Eva Grimaldi, CNRS/Thales and Université Paris Sud 11

“Phase Noise Reduction Using Self-Phase Locked Loop with Optimized Loop Parameters”
 Li Zhang, Drexel University

Microwave Frequency Standards and Optical Frequency Standards and Applications

 “Investigation on Light Shift in CPT-Ramsey Resonance for Compact Atomic Clocks”
Yuichiro Yano, Tokyo Metropolitan University

“Lasing of Cesium Active Optical Clock with 459 nm Laser Pumping”
 Duo Pan, Peking University

“Long-Term Stable Balanced Optical-Microwave Phase Detector with Sub-Femtosecond Residual Timing Jitter Capability for Optical-to-RF Extraction”
Michael Peng, MIT

“Prospects for Frequency Stabilization Using Collective Effects of Strontium Atoms in an Optical Cavity”
 Bjarke Takashi Røjle Christensen, University of Copenhagen

Sensors & Transducers

 “A Fully Integrated Wafer-Scale Sub-mm3 FBAR-Based Wireless Mass Sensor”
 Manohar Nagaraju, University of Washington

“Atomically-Thin MoS2 Resonators for Pressure Sensing”
 Jaesung Lee, Case Western Reserve University

“Ultra-Sensitive Magnetic Field Sensor Based on a Low-Noise Magnetoelectric MEMS-CMOS Oscillator”
 Yu Hui,  Northeastern University

“In-situ Monitoring Electrochemical Processes in Batteries Using Vibrating Microcantilevers”
 Mark Cheng, Wayne State University

Timekeeping, Time and Frequency Transfer, GNSS Applications

 “Microwave Transfer Through Optical Frequency Comb Toward 10-19 Instability Using Fiber-Loop Optical-Microwave Phase Detectors”
 Kwangyun Jung, KAIST

“Optimization of Modulation Techniques for Suppression of GEMRS in Frequency Transfer Systems”
 James Cahill, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

“Optical Frequency Transfer via 1840 km Fiber Link with Superior Stability”
 Stefan Droste, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

“Laser-to-Laser Remote-Transfer & -Synchronization with Sub-Fs Precision Over 3.5 km Fiber Link”
 Kemal Safak, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron